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DRM Multimedia 
Here are some examples of Programme Associated Data (PAD) and multimedia data transmitted. All data displayed using the Fraunhofer Multimedia Player. These were recorded between 2004 and 2006 when there were many such broadcasts for testing and to demonstrate DRM's capabilities.
Each data service broadcast within the DRM multiplex is signalled in the SDC and has a 11 bit unique code so the DRM receiving software knows how to decode and display the data stream. This data is transmitted as part of the MSC.
Examples of ‘T-Systems’ 5975 kHz broadcast from Juelich, Germany. These were some of the first DRM data broadcasts (2004).


BBC World Service data broadcast from Rampisham, UK on 7320 kHz - Data Service 1 transmitted at 1.9 kbps bit rate.


Examples of Fraunhofer’s NewsService Journaline® data service is shown below


A multimedia broadcast ‘Weather Data’ web site and MMS from VT Digital using a 1 kW transmitter on 5168 kHz at 6.9 kbps bit rate (mode B, 5 kHz occupancy, protection level 1).



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