- Ismaning Transmitter -


BR5 aktuell (Bayerischer Randfunk) 

DRM Sendung des Bayrischen Rundfunks 

Began regular DRM transmissions on 6085 kHz in March, 2005 but ceased DRM broadcasting in September 2010. The shortwave aerials have been dismantled but medium wave broadcast continue from Ismaning.
The short wave antenna was a centre fed full wavelength dipole with each side half-wavelength at 90 degrees to each other. Also visible in the background is the medium wave antenna.
control desk
50kW shortwave transmitter
medium wave transmitter (801 kHz - 100kW)
antenna switch
These pictures taken in 2005 by Manfred Schmitz (Bavarian Broadcast).
RTL Junglinster
RCI Sackville
BR Ismaning
Moonsbrunn TX
BBC Orfordness
BBC Rampisham
RTL Marnach

Moonsbrunn Ant
DW Sines