- Orfordness Transmitter -


Located on the Suffolk coast, the site is operated by Babcock International (previously operated by VT Communications which Babcock acquired in 2010).

Orfordness was the UK’s only DRM capable medium wave transmitter broadcasting BBC World Service to Europe on 1296 kHz - these transmissions started in 2003 and ceased in May 2012.

Previously BBC World Service in English was broadcast on AM 648 kHz to Europe and this service ceased 27 March 2011. In October 2012 Ofcom withdrew Babcock’s authorisation to use the 648 kHz frequency and suggested this frequency could be made available for community radio in other parts of the UK. No mention of 1296 kHz so in theory this service (AM or DRM) could resume.

Both sets of antennas broadcast to the east and were intended for skywave (night-time) coverage of Eastern Europe, during the day there is groundwave coverage of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Orfordness is perhaps better know for its part in the experimental 'over the horizon radio' (Cobra Mist) back in the early 1970's.

Photos of a Nautel NA200 DRM capable transmitter under construction in 2003
(200 kW AM)
[thanks to James Briggs for the photos]
RTL Junglinster
RCI Sackville
BR Ismaning
Moonsbrunn TX
BBC Orfordness
BBC Rampisham
RTL Marnach

Moonsbrunn Ant
DW Sines