- Rampisham Transmitter -



Rampisham is located in Dorset, south west England. The transmitter site covered 189 acres with 36 antennas. Ceased broadcasting on 29 October 2011. Some of the radio towers have been dismantled as have some of the buildings. Future plans for this site include a solar panel park.

Rampisham was the primary transmitter for BBC World Service shortwave broadcasts to Europe.

Photo taken from a helicopter (March 2002) with a good view of the antenna switching matrix building (brown building with 6 peaked roofs) and some of the many aerial masts in the background. From this building there were 36 feeders going to the antenna field (34 antennas, 1 test/ dummy load, and 1 test facility).

Sender S50 one of two identical Marconi 500 kW AM transmitters modified for DRM.

Part of Antenna 28, a shortwave Thales Antenna installed in 2002. It was used for broadcasts to South America and the Falklands - bearing 227 degrees. 

[thanks to James Briggs for the photos and information]
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Moonsbrunn Ant
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