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Rampisham is located in Dorset, south west England. The transmitter site covered 189 acres with 36 antennas. Ceased short-wave broadcasting on 29 October 2011. The radio towers have been dismantled as have some of the buildings. Future plans for this site did include a solar panel farm but this application has since been turned down, although a smaller solar farm may be built close by.

Rampisham was the primary transmitter for BBC World Service shortwave broadcasts to Europe.

Photo taken from a helicopter (March 2002) with a good view of the antenna switching matrix building (brown building with 6 peaked roofs) and some of the many aerial masts in the background. From this building there were 36 feeders going to the antenna field (34 antennas, 1 test/dummy load, and 1 test facility).

Sender S50 one of two identical Marconi 500 kW AM transmitters modified for DRM.

Part of Antenna 28, a shortwave Thales Antenna installed in 2002. It was used for broadcasts to South America and the Falklands - bearing 227 degrees. 

[thanks to James Briggs for the photos and information]
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