- Woofferton Transmitter -


The Woofferton site is located in Shropshire, England and is the last shortwave transmitting station left in the UK. The transmitter site is managed by Babcock International since 2010.

Perhaps Woofferton is best known as one of the principle transmitter sites to broadcast Voice of America (VoA) to eastern Europe. This site also transmits the local BBC radio station ‘Radio Hereford and Worcester’ on 1548 kHz AM.

In 2008/9 three shortwave transmitters from a Croatian company called RIZ were installed. These transmitters are 250 kW DRM or 500 kW (AM carrier), they are designated 'Sender 92', ‘Sender 94’ and ‘Sender 96’. These are the same designation as the Marconi BD272 transmitters (installed in the early 1960’s) that these RIZ transmitters replaced.

For some reason the BBC refer to their shortwave transmitters as Sender (German for transmitter). Current DRM schedule for BBC broadcast to Europe is

0600-0700   daily     3955 kHz    BBC World Service (English)
DRM makes up a very small percentage of total hours broadcast - the rest is still AM.



Photo shows Sender 96 under construction

[thanks to James Briggs for the photos]
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