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Part 1 protoboard construction - RadioUser magazine September 2016

Part 2 direct conversion background - RadioUser October 2016

Part 3 long wave receiver - RadioUser November 2016

Part 4 medium wave receiver - RadioUser December 2016

Part 5 NAVTEX primer - RadioUser January 2017

Part 6 NAVTEX circuit - RadioUser February 2017

Part 7 SW crystal controlled receiver - RadioUser March 2017

Part 8 crystal controlled receiver (80m) - RadioUser April 2017

Part 9 crystal controlled receiver (20/25m) - RadioUser May 2017


If you followed this series of constructional SDR articles in RadioUser magazine I hope you found them interesting.


RadioUser magazine has changed editor and publisher since the above articles were published. Consequently the magazine is undergoing editorial changes - time will tell if these changes please or alienate readers - however, it is unlikely that I will be contributing another series of articles. 



Printed circuit board (57x23mm).


Sorry, all the circuit boards have now been sold.

Direct Conversion Receiver SDR.



Direct Conversion Navtex SDR.