- FM radio Si4703 page-
PIC printed circuit board, the board size is 88 x 110mm, through plated and RoHS compliant (lead free solder used in manufacture).

The SparkFun FM board plugs into J1 connector (marked FM - left hand side) on my printed circuit board.


If you are interested in this project and want the printed circuit board please send an e-mail to the following address and put 'FM radio' in the subject line. The printed circuit board costs 12 (includes VAT and postage to UK), I will e-mail you with information on ways to pay. Included with the circuit board are components that are more difficult to source or where the circuit board is designed for a specific component (e.g. on/off switch).




Controlling the SparkFun FM Tuner Evaluation Board - Si4703


Featured in RadioUser magazine November 2015.



Sorry, the software for the MSF project is no longer available for download.  :O(